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T. E. Whitaker was raised in Iowa, across the road from a corn field. After graduating from the University of Iowa he moved to Southern California. He has worked as a filmmaker, web developer, digital marketer, and boot camp instructor.

In February 2014 he published his first book, Why Am I?, to help people find their own “meaning of life” by ignoring outside influences and distractions. In December 2015 he published his first novel, Into Temptation, followed by Project X, Crazy EyesThe Rooster Rides, and Red Carpet—his four-part Chronicles of Vajra series. He is currently writing his first science fiction series, The Fear.

Chronicles of Vajra tells the sordid, hilarious tale of Brät, an aspiring filmmaker, self-styled physicist/philosopher, and the world’s fifth-ranked online dater. In Project X, Brät arrives in L.A. and is immediately screwed over by his agent. When Brät’s friend, a wannabe film producer, suggests they trade their Hollywood dreams for the more practical path of pornography, Brät must decide between a shot at fame that may never come, and money shots that never stop. As their porn business exceeds their wildest expectations, Brät attempts to untie himself from his dominatrix lover, resurrect his sputtering Hollywood screenwriting career, and hide his X-rated day job from everyone he’s ever known.

Into Temptation breaks the bounds of religious satire. Jesus Christ enjoys choice tee times, biweekly psychoanalysis, and a spot atop the afterlife’s Ten Best-Dressed List. But God is coming and no one knows why, least of all his biblical son. Determined to stake his claim as King of Kings before Dad arrives, Jesus begs Lucifer to return him as a mortal man of exquisite style and impeccable taste. But should he trust the Prince of Darkness? Duped by Lucifer and crucified by the media, can Jesus overcome an angel-winged supermodel, two thousand years of pent-up desires, and an all-powerful, paternity-denying Father? From Paris runways to New York burlesque clubs, from the gates of Hell to the bespoke clothiers of Savile Row, Into Temptation is an irreverent father-son tale of biblical proportions.

T. E. Whitaker writes and drinks espresso at a café table in Los Angeles.

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