Cover of Into Temptation by T. E. Whitaker

Into Temptation

His afterlife is perfect. But things are about to change.

Jesus enjoys choice tee times, biweekly psychoanalysis, and a spot atop the afterlife’s Ten Best-Dressed List. But God is coming and no one knows why, least of all his biblical son. Determined to stake his claim as King of Kings before Dad arrives, Jesus begs Lucifer to return him to earth as a mortal man of exquisite style and impeccable taste.

Duped by Lucifer and crucified by the media, Jesus must overcome an angel-winged supermodel, two thousand years of pent-up desires, and an all-powerful, paternity-denying Father determined to eliminate religion from existence. But when you’re trying to change the mind of the universe incarnate, turning the other cheek isn’t an option.

Into Temptation is T. E. Whitaker’s irreverent father-son tale of biblical proportions. If you like laughing at religion, if you think the answer to the ultimate question of life is 42, or if you’ve pondered what Jesus and Mohammed might discuss at a hookah bar, you’ll love T. E. Whitaker’s Into Temptation.