Red Carpet

He’s a filmmaker hitting the festival circuit incognito. She’s a gorgeous dominatrix escaping from an obsessed client.

Brät’s back. While scouting film locations in Bangkok for his Hollywood directorial debut, he learns his long-distance lover needs to stay with him in his high-rise safe house—but she won’t say why.

With her secret stalking them, Brät receives an invitation he can’t refuse and leaves Bangkok’s anonymity for the bright lights and red carpets of Europe’s film festivals. But when famous faces from his past reappear, he’s on the run again—with everything at stake.

Red Carpet is the final book in T. E. Whitaker’s lightning-paced, pro-dominatrix, stripper-rich series featuring smart humor, hot sex, strong characters, and a scientific equation for each of life’s impenetrable mysteries. If you think War and Peace could benefit from a little Dominance and submission, if you suspect the real answer to life, the universe and everything is 69, or if you’ve wondered what would happen if a man’s… ahem… “unit” fed him pickup lines, you’ll love the final installment of T. E. Whitaker’s Chronicles of Vajra series.