The Rooster Rides

He’s a fugitive filmmaker in a strange land. She’s a prima ballerina desperate to quit her night job.

After escaping from Los Angeles to avoid the law, Brät is disguised and in hiding. With no passport and no one to talk to, he visits an infamous brothel and meets the Bangkok Ballet’s prima ballerina, who’s moonlighting to make ends meet. When infatuation hits them both, Brät must balance the price of buying her freedom against the cost of losing his.

With his decision haunting him, Brät strives for self-realization at a sexual enlightenment retreat, but post-orgasmic omniscience is fleeting, spirit animals make bad pets, and the only road to the life he wants and the woman he loves runs through Hollywood, where she waits for him, jealous and scorned and plotting his demise.

The Rooster Rides is the third book in T. E. Whitaker’s lightning-paced, pro-dominatrix, stripper-rich series featuring smart humor, hot sex, strong characters, and a scientific equation for each of life’s impenetrable mysteries. If you think One Night in Bangkok isn’t enough time to hit all the go go bars, if you agree revenge is a dish best served with mango and sticky rice, or if you’ve wondered what would happen if a man’s… ahem… “unit” fed him pickup lines, you’ll love the latest installment of T. E. Whitaker’s Chronicles of Vajra series.