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His afterlife is perfect. But things are about to change.

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Into Temptation by T. E. Whitaker Cover Art

Into Temptation by T.E. Whitaker

His afterlife is perfect. But things are about to change.

Jesus enjoys choice tee times, biweekly psychoanalysis, and a spot atop the afterlife’s Ten Best-Dressed List. But God is coming and no one knows why, least of all his biblical son. Determined to stake his claim as King of Kings before Dad arrives, Jesus begs Lucifer to return him to earth as a mortal man of exquisite style and impeccable taste.

Duped by Lucifer and crucified by the media, Jesus must overcome an angel-winged supermodel, two thousand years of pent-up desires, and an all-powerful, paternity-denying Father determined to eliminate religion from existence. But when you’re trying to change the mind of the universe incarnate, turning the other cheek isn’t an option.

Project X by T.E. Whitaker

He’s a filmmaker making ends meet with porn. She’s Hollywood’s most demanding dominatrix. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy.

Meet Brät—filmmaker, sexual philosopher, and the world’s fifth-ranked online dater. He’s new to Hollywood and desperate for success. When his friend suggests they fund their feature film project by building a porn empire starring a disguised Brät as the male talent, Brät must choose between paying his dues or a job paying in sex.

As their porn flicks rake in cash, his dominatrix lover’s suspicions rise, and Brät wonders if their windfall will be his downfall. Because if someone recognizes him, he can kiss his Hollywood career—and his lover—goodbye.

Project X by T. E. Whitaker Cover Art
Crazy Eyes by T. E. Whitaker Cover Art

Crazy Eyes by T.E. Whitaker

He’s a filmmaker whose career is taking off. She’s a stripper wearing nothing but red flags.

Brät knows dating L.A.’s most ambitious stripper is a bad idea, but it’s hard to say ‘no’ when your body’s screaming ‘yes.’ When she hijacks his life by railroading him onto a notorious reality TV series, Brät finds himself in the crosshairs of the series’ underage, oversexed star.

With the ingénue trying to seduce him, and the TV series striving to frame him, Brät must walk a fine line between reality and “reality.” But he’s dealing with a girl who’s never met a man she couldn’t ruin, and refusing her advances may not be enough to keep him out of jail.

The Rooster Rides by T.E. Whitaker

He’s a fugitive filmmaker in a strange land. She’s a prima ballerina desperate to quit her night job.

After escaping from Los Angeles to avoid the law, Brät is disguised and in hiding. With no passport and no one to talk to, he visits an infamous brothel and meets the Bangkok Ballet’s prima ballerina, who’s moonlighting to make ends meet. When infatuation hits them both, Brät must balance the price of buying her freedom against the cost of losing his.

With his decision haunting him, Brät strives for self-realization at a sexual enlightenment retreat, but post-orgasmic omniscience is fleeting, spirit animals make bad pets, and the only road to the life he wants and the woman he loves runs through Hollywood, where she waits for him, jealous and scorned and plotting his demise.

The Rooster Rides by T. E. Whitaker Cover Art
Red Carpet by T. E. Whitaker Cover Art

Red Carpet by T.E. Whitaker

He’s an at-large filmmaker hitting the festival circuit incognito. She’s a gorgeous dominatrix escaping from an obsessed client.

Brät’s back. While scouting film locations in Bangkok for his Hollywood directorial debut, he learns his long-distance lover needs to stay with him in his high-rise safe house—but she won’t say why.

With her secret stalking them, Brät receives an invitation he can’t refuse and leaves Bangkok’s anonymity for the bright lights and red carpets of Europe’s film festivals. But when famous faces from his past reappear, he’s on the run again—with everything at stake.

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About T.E. Whitaker

T. E. Whitaker was raised in Iowa, across the road from a corn field. After graduating from the University of Iowa he moved to Southern California. He is a writer, motorcyclist, traveler, and entrepreneur.

In February 2014 he published his first book, Why Am I?, to help people find their own meaning of life by ignoring outside influences and distractions. In December 2015 he published his first novel, Into Temptation, followed by his four-part Chronicles of Vajra series, which includes Project X, Crazy Eyes, The Rooster Rides, and Red Carpet. He is currently working on his science fiction series, Encoda.

T. E. Whitaker writes novels and drinks too much caffeine at a café table in Southern California.

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