Crazy Eyes

He’s a filmmaker whose career is taking off. She’s a stripper wearing nothing but red flags.

Brät knows dating L.A.’s most ambitious stripper is a bad idea, but it’s hard to say No when your body’s screaming Yes! When she hijacks his life by railroading him onto a notorious reality TV series, Brät finds himself in the crosshairs of the series’ underage, oversexed star.

With the ingénue trying to seduce him, and the TV series striving to frame him, Brät must walk a fine line between reality and “reality.” But he’s dealing with a girl who’s never met a man she couldn’t ruin, and refusing her advances may not be enough to keep him out of jail.

Crazy Eyes is the second book in T. E. Whitaker’s lightning-paced, pro-dominatrix, stripper-rich series featuring smart humor, hot sex, strong characters, and a scientific equation for each of life’s impenetrable mysteries. If you think A Tale of Two Cities could have benefited from graphic sex scenes, if you’ve always depended upon the kindness of strippers, or if you’ve wondered what would happen if a man’s… ahem… “unit” fed him pickup lines, you’ll love the latest installment of T. E. Whitaker’s Chronicles of Vajra series.