Project X

He’s a filmmaker making ends meet with porn. She’s Hollywood’s most demanding dominatrix. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy.

Meet Brät—filmmaker, sexual philosopher, and the world’s fifth-ranked online dater. He’s new to Hollywood and desperate for success. When his friend suggests they fund their feature film project by building a porn empire starring a disguised Brät as the male talent, Brät must choose between paying his dues or a job paying in sex.

As their porn flicks rake in cash, his dominatrix lover’s suspicions rise, and Brät wonders if their windfall will be his downfall. Because if someone recognizes him, he can kiss his Hollywood career—and his lover—goodbye.

Project X is the first book in T. E. Whitaker’s lightning-paced, pro-dominatrix, stripper-rich series featuring smart humor, hot sex, strong characters, and a scientific equation for each of life’s impenetrable mysteries. If you think the middle part of Moby Dick could have benefited from smoking hot mermaids seducing Captain Ahab, if you like a bit of bondage with your Earl Grey, or if you’ve wondered what would happen if a man’s… ahem… “unit” fed him pickup lines, you’ll love the first installment of T. E. Whitaker’s Chronicles of Vajra series.